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The P R I S M House exists to blur the lines between art, design and production.  Our core belief is in the power of experiential design, so from the start we focus on who the client is, the story they want to tell, and the experience they want to create for themselves and their audience.


Full Wedding Planning + Event Design

We carefully curate a unique, individualized planning process, standing by you every step of the way, helping you dream big. From choosing a venue to walking down the aisle, we will tell your love story through seamless, individualized event management, production and design.


Wedding Event Design

You handle the planning, we handle the aesthetics. We were put on this earth to take your story and give it light. And every detail from your save-the-date to your cake cutting will be infused with your individual magic.


Floral Design

Our passion for experiential design extends into the realm of florals. We’ll build you an epic installation, a green growing wall, or simply execute the centerpieces for the tablescapes we designed. We believe offering florals helps us tell a complete and seamless story.


Corporate Event Production + Design Services

We won’t let them forget who you are or the message you’re here to share. Every event your company stands behind should be a compelling experience. Even a corporate holiday gathering deserves an unforgettable level of production.


Corporate Event Design

Have an event planner on your team but want that extra competitive edge? Do you want to deliver an undeniably fabulous experiential design format that your client and employees won’t soon forget? We’ve got you.

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Creative Direction + Production

Your need for creative direction and production may not be limited to events, in fact it may extend far beyond the event experience into the editorial and marketing world. It doesn’t matter the story you’re trying to tell or the format, we are the team to produce the creative.


Creative brand strategies

Launching a new brand? Revamping an existing one? We offer a slew of services to assist in the process. From conception to the design of your creative space. We can consult on the brand story you’re trying to tell in a variety of facets. Inquire to learn more.


Thoughtful Interior Design

Whether you’re opening a retail store, renovating a kitchen, or staging a home for sale. Our team can build you layouts, source your products, and install your final design.


Social Media

Possibly the most unique offering within our suite of services is an extensive background and knowledge of the ever-changing Social Media world. We consult on both new and existing accounts to help you streamline your process. Or you can simply hire us to handle it!


The perfect party

Throwing a soiree? Baby shower, bridal shower, holiday party, anniversary, birthday –we want in on the celebration of your big moments and we build a mean champagne tower.


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