Our Top 3 picks for Littles, Spirit, Health + Wellness


We so often find ourselves chatting it up with a random stranger in a bar about our hair products, what our kids are wearing (yes they sometimes go to bars) or where our jacket is from (Kristin’s husband reps Kuhl). So we are carving out this little section of the blog to share what’s in our shopping carts, the face products we can’t live without, and what brand of Champagne is helping us make the magic happen these days.


Carrie’s Picks

When it comes to kid’s style, I found my children’s clothing line spirit animal with Rowdy Sprout.  When I had kids I wanted them to be a reflection of Adam + I until they found their own style as they grew up.  Rowdy Sprout is all about style, comfort with a vintage feel, and rock & roll. Our kids now love Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin + David Bowie.  And because of this, they feel connected with these bands that built our life soundtrack and it is super jolly: Rowdy Sprout. We have partnered with Rowdy Sprout to offer our peeps 10% off on your orders when you use discount code: prism10

Being a full time working mom, I am constantly juggling a lot of balls in the air.  I put a lot of pressure on myself. I fell in love with Moon Juice company years ago as it is one of those do good, be good, feel good kind of companies and when they came out with their SuperYou product, I must say, it was a total game changer.  SuperYou is a blend of four potent adaptogenic herbs that helps to reduce stress on your body + mind, while enhancing energy, mood, focus & beauty: Moon Juice Super You.

The company The Wild Unknown, is taken from the lyrics of a Bob Dylan song called Isis, which caught my attention right off the bat. My whole life, I have been intrigued with the idea of spirit animals and when I found The Wild Unknown’s Spirit animal Tarot Deck I bought it and fell in love immediately.  The Animal Spirit deck features 63 creatures from both the earthly and mystical realms. The 200+ page guidebook makes it easy to use and interpret the cards, give readings, and delve into the mystery of each creature. Which creature are you at this moment in your life?: The Wild Unknown Spirit Animal Deck.


Kristin’s Picks

I am literally fawning over Herbivore Botanicals Emerald Oil. Katherine gave it to me for Christmas alongside some Coco Rose Scrub because she wanted me to display them in my (newly renovated master bath) alongside one another, because you know, “Emerald + Coco.” Meanwhile, I  fell in love with the face oil and my skin has never looked better (and it is the middle of winter, hello). They just launched it with actual CBD in it, which I cannot wait to try: Emerald Deep Moisture Glow Oil.

People are constantly asking me where I shop for Emerald (generally Zara, TBH.) Mostly because I have a problem and am constantly looking at kid’s clothes, she usually looks super cute. My newest discovery is Spell & the Gypsey Collective’s Little Gypsies new rash guards! I just ordered her the Little Lily One Piece Rashie and cannot wait to get it on her when we’re on St. John next, since it is tooootally freezing in New England: Spell Little Gypsies.

I am always sporting a serious stack of Katherine Stuart jewelry and have recently added some new gems. Our pal Margaux has been creating these super special crystal necklaces. Your purchase is enhanced by her remarkable and extensive crystal knowledge, which means you know what you’re wearing and can trust it has been carefully cleansed and handled prior to arrival: Perrier, Like the Water Jewels.


Chelsey’s Picks

Until Primally Pure I never quite understood the importance of an all natural deodorant. I grew up wearing traditional deodorant, and to be honest was not all that conscious about what I put on since I wasn't one to sweat a great deal.  Fast forward to the present, eliminating toxins & chemicals has become increasingly top of mind (while I admit this is an ever evolving process). Based in coconut oil, Primally Pure Deodorant is the real deal. Jury is still out on the best scent: charcoal or blue tansy. Stay tuned, more Primally Pure products will be coming your way!

Being active is essential to my day-to-day lifestyle. It has been for as long as I can remember. Moving my body, especially in the great outdoors is how I destress and clear my head. Sometimes it’s a morning run, afternoon hike, or evening barre class, yet despite the occasion, Outdoor Voices always has me covered. I’ve been hooked since the moment I tried on my first pair of Outdoor Voices Tech Sweat 7/8 legging. I simply can’t get enough and they fit like a glove! OV combines  true comfort and aesthetics. Plus, they have a variety of classic or seasonal colors to choose from.  My personal favorites: night (classic) and scarlett (seasonal).

I’ve always been a breakfast person whether it’s a traditional breakfast or smoothie on the go! Yet, when consistently juggling lots of priorities, the time to cook breakfast seems to quickly fall through the cracks. Then steps in, Pressed Juicery. Pressed Juicery juices are simple with often no more than 5 pure ingredients. Their signature blends, which are packed with protein, are the perfect way to start your morning! On average, I drink these for breakfast 3 x a week and more times than not all three of those juices are Vanilla Almond. As Pressed Juicery describes it, “melted vanilla ice cream in a bottle”...but healthier!