The Prism House Brand Shoot

One of the things people often ask is how did we come up with our designs?  While there is always an element of magic that happens in the moment, there is definitely an in-depth organizational and creative process that takes place in the prep work.




For every photoshoot we direct, we create a comprehensive  document that is distributed to the partners working on the shoot so that everyone’s goals and efforts are aligned.  We have learned that if we don’t organize these goals onto paper, it is easy to lose track of time and miss the shots we dreamed up from the start.  This document includes 3 elements:

  • A call sheet

  • Packing list

  • Shot list

We broke down notes on how we build our call sheets and shot lists below so you can climb into our heads…

Creating a call sheet in three steps:

  1. Create a vendor list, including Instagram handles, so that every partner can go back and give credit where credit is due.

  2. Build a timeline for your immediate creative team

  3. Add call times for each creative partner so that no one is standing around with nothing to do, or holding things up because they’re late. Call times set expectations and help creative partners meet them. Consider  prep time for each partner, time frame goals for each shot, and don’t forget to take into account sun rise/set times so your lighting is just as you desire.  

Create a shot list in three steps:

  1. Write out your list of camera shots

  2. Group the camera shots by location/type of shot

  3. Reorder the setups into the most efficient order of shooting based on setup  time needed, breakdown time required, layout, models, call times, etc.




In addition to the call sheet and shot list, we always develop a mood board for our shoots to communicate the early stages of the vision and allow it to develop. The mood board is the birth of the creative dream and we always hope it will evolve into something completely unique as the creative partners come on board and the props are purchased.


Selecting a Venue

Our venue goals included: clean backdrops, interesting textures, good light. We had started to build a partnership with Kadeema Rentals for another upcoming shoot and when their Tannery Loft space came into view, we knew it was right in line with our vision, not to mention her furniture collection is the stuff dreams are made of.


Team Head Shots

Inspired by the work of Carin Backoff, we wanted our headshots to be clean and neutral, yet exciting. We handed this inspiration to our photographer Jamie Mercurio and she introduced the prismatic  photography, bringing rainbows, reflections, and flare into each frame. To create the effect Jamie strategically placed a glass prism in front of a camera lens.  We lost our minds with excitement because it was not only “on-brand” but also communicated a dreamy vibe we’d been searching for.


We always want each individual’s shining spirit to come through in the photos, but to also create a theme. And because the new brand is all about a good party, we asked the team to done sequins or sparkle of any kind, expressing their individual badassery through their attire. 

We also brought in our favorite babes from Making Faces to do makeup. They are the best in the biz and making the team feel fabulous was extremely important to us.



We also brought our children  into the fold in an effort to show that our families are an immediate and important part of what we do. Their humor and innate goodness is a major element of what makes our worlds go ‘round, both personally and professionally.


Group Shot

Our team is everything to us. We couldn’t do anything we do without their unique spirits, creative input, and amazing humor. We wanted this shoot to be a celebration of our new brand, a vibe created by our amazing collection of humans. To execute the Vanity Fair-inspired group shot we imagined, we set the scene with furniture. Carrie is our lounge expert and brought the right Kadeema Rental items together so the team could get cozy. We encouraged some impromptu mingling and some staged, serious vibes. Jamie moved through the group, capturing as a whole but also zooming in on some great interactive moments.


Setting the Table

As part of our brand shoot,  to show the full scope of what we do, we added design elements outside our headshot goals, including a tablescape, sweets  by our Cake Queen Jaime Melfi, and flat lays featuring jewelry by our Destination Design Goddess, Katherine Stuart.

Our table featured geometric shapes and elements that speak to the prism’s natural attributes. Iridescent plates and glassware gave off a soft rainbow luster while vellum menus and place cards were set next to  gold and white dipped flatware for a soft, cloud-like vibe. Lulu & Roo’s calligraphy on the menu helped tell the story of our brand, playful and smart  with a “do what you want” attitude.. Instead of a full menu, it simply said: “Let them eat cake.”  For seating we used ghost chairs and affixed prismatic decals of our new logo to the back.

Flowers from the Floral Reserve were selected for their unique properties: magical unicorn carnations, rose pink anemone, rainbow eucalyptus, bleached ruscus, pink bunny tail, and purple Sweet Pea.  


Flatlays + Polaroids

On the date of our shoot, one of our team members was traveling in Europe.  We wanted to find a creative way to make sure she was included in the images. Before she left, we had her dress up in her sequins and snap polaroids.  Kristin and Katherine are masters at the flatlay so they created group content with polaroids in an “after the party” vibe.


Cake & Sweets

One of the most unique pieces of our new team structure  is that we’ve incorporated our cake artist, Jaime Melfi from Autumn Nomad. She has become an imperative part of the story we tell in our wedding designs, as well as an amazing addition to our food styling team. Though she owns her own business, she works closely with us on many elements that extend beyond the sweets, allowing there to be a seamless thread connecting all of the design elements. She is also just really cool.

So in this P R I S M brand shoot, we want to incorporate her talent in a way that told the brand story. The main, five tier cake was separated in the center by a prismatic, light up, geometric glass tier while the rest of the cake was covered in small crystals that caught the light.  Jaime created a second, single tier cake, covered in darker gems, which we cut. Inside, the colors of a prism, per our brand, were revealed.


Behind the Scenes

Capturing all of the elements that bring a vision together is essential for us on set of any brand shoot. For our own, we really wanted to capture the joy we experience when we are together doing what we love because that joy can be found on any job we do. We also wanted to capture the focus and determination we put into each detail, tweaking angels, adjusting blooms, accessing each scene to decide as a team how it can be even stronger. Our team brings a specific and special energy to any setting, an energy we love to share with our clients.