our rad friends vol. 01:

feat. kristin + Carrie


What is your role at the PRISM House?

KB || Co-Creator + Creative Director

CS || Co-Creator + Production Director

What was the evolution of your careers?

KB || Fresh out of graduate school, I handled all merchandising at an American Art Gallery for four years before transitioning to a part-time writing gig for Hawthorn Creative’s wedding blog. It was a dream job for a 25 year-old English/Fine Art Major with a Masters in Early Childhood Education that she didn’t want to use. I was newly engaged, so living and breathing all things wedding was magical. Since the job was only three days a week, I found myself with a lot of free time to scheme. I realized that with my background in merchandising and all my new-found knowledge about weddings, event design may be a logical (and dreamy) next step. I’d get to design and essentially “merchandise” a couple’s love story through creative details. I picked a biz name, designed a logo with my friend Emily at Lulu & Roo and booked my first gig, which happened to be the CEO and owner of Hawthorn Creative’s wedding. It was a huge success. Meanwhile my position at Hawthorn began to evolve and I loved it, so I stayed. From 2010-2019, I ran By Emily B. while acting as Hawthorn’s resident Photo and Web Editor, managing all visuals and photo shoots for their destination marketing division, along with running Social Media for several national hotel groups. In March 2019, I left Hawthorn to pursue my creative dreams full time, partnered with Carrie, rebranded By Emily B. as The P R I S M House, and hope to finally begin working a normal person’s schedule.

CS || I was living in LA after college and while bartending an event, I was caught in the act of straightening up a disheveled lounge area. The event producer commented that he had an entire team of people that didn’t notice what I had noticed. He gave me his card and requested that I follow up with him. I did and was was super lucky to become a part of two event design + production companies that focused on award shows, movie premieres and many events for the West Coast fashion division. When I moved to Boston in 2008, I joined Longwood Events as an Event Specialist and later their Director of Events. I managed the events team for five very distinctive venues on the east coast, each with its own unique personality. Being the DOE of such a varied brand was an invaluable experience but I missed my passion for design, so I joined a luxury event rental team as a designer and event stylist, which is where I started dreaming big with Kristin. As owner and creative director of By Emily B, Kristin was one of my clients and the design work we did together was pretty remarkable. As the demand for our work together picked up speed and our individual needs for a business partner became more apparent, we realized the vision we could create together was limitless. It was the perfect time to begin… so The P R I S M House was born!


What are the qualities about each other that lead you to partnering?

KB || Carrie is a dreamer but she’s a pragmatic dreamer. She’s great at seeing the big picture and dialing in on the details in a realistic way. She gives me the freedom to work my magic but reigns me in when I need it so we can make a huge impact while meeting client expectations and keeping the business moving forward. I’ve known for some time that I needed another half in this business, someone to pose the tough questions, keep me organized, and yet imagine the impossible alongside me . Carrie’s organization and production skills are unmatched but she knows that the real magic starts with a big dream.

CS || Kristin is one of the most creative and magical humans I have ever met. She shares my blessing and curse of caring too much, which built my confidence that she would be a great fit for a partner in business. She pushes the boundaries of imagination, which has always been super exciting to me as I tend to be more organized and pragmatic. It is the kind of ying + yang you dream about as a creative entrepreneur. We both share the common ground of wanting to do really interesting and impactful work while expressing our kind, genuine, fun and authentic selves.

What is something about The PRISM House’s business model that excites you the most?

KB || Taking risks and having goals so aligned that nothing can stop us. We want to give brides, brands, vendors, and creatives in New England and world-wide something exciting, fresh, and new. We want them to see us taking creative risks and to want to do it alongside us. We want to tell stories in new, exotic and creative ways, making people stop in their tracks and say “what is that,” “how did they do that?,” “I want that!.” And we will. That is what excites me most.

CS || One of our goals is aligning ourselves with wild creatives and ballsy brands that have something fresh to say. While we have skills in many creative fields, we have always found that collaborating with not only interesting clients but also other planners, designers and florists is something that really excites us. I have always felt that the best work stems from amazing partnerships and it is one of our goals to push creative collaborations in a field that can often be competitive. If we work together, imagine what we could create!


How do you balance being a full time working mom?

KB || I work hard to integrate Emerald into the business. I want people to know her, and to appreciate her as a part of my story. And I want her to be by my side, to see all that I’ve built as it grows and blooms into something new. I find that when my clients feel invested in Emerald, it makes the balance come naturally. They know that being a mom comes first but they can deduce that my commitment and fierce loyalty to my family will also extend into the work I am doing for them.

CS || Haha, is there a balance? I have learned being happy in the workplace helps with being happy at home, and being kind and realistic with yourself is a good place to start. Because their schedule is ever changing my kids are super adaptable with child care + traveling alongside of me. I remind myself that I have worked since both of my boys were 6 weeks old so they know no different. They are also really independent kids because of it so that makes the whole “working mama” bit much easier. I try to be present and make as many memories as I can when I’m free to make up for the times I can’t be there. And for the most part, I think I actually do a somewhat decent job at giving Shea + Lennon my all when I am with them and letting them know how much I miss them when we are apart. For me, it’s not about striving for a perfect balance but rather integrating work and family, so you can bring your whole self to every facet.

What is your favorite place to travel? Where did you stay and what do you recommend?

KB || St. John, USVI is my home away from home. My best friend Katherine lives there with Emerald’s best friend, Coco, and we bounce around to islands in the BVI exploring and adventuring. You fly into St. Thomas, hop a shuttle and a ferry to the tiny island where we recommend margaritas at Long Board, long baby beach days at Francis Bay, catamaran charters with Kekoa, the Mahi Mahi sandwich at Soggy Dollar, and dinner at La Tapa.

CS || The gypset lifestyle has always been a great love of mine. One of my most recent + favorite adventures was a girls trip to Kauai. While the trip was inspired because of Kauai’s world renowned healing powers to help rid my friend’s body of cancer, we truly had the most fun + have so many jolly experiences to share. For breakfast every morning we stocked up at Kauai Juice Co for fresh pressed juices. Lunch on the beach with take out sushi burritos + poke bowls from Sushi Girl. The best acai bowl I ever had was the Hanalei Signature (acai topped with granola, bananas, papaya, coconut flakes, honey + bee pollen) from Wishing Well, which is everything you could ever ask for and more. My two favorite adventures were hiking down to + swimming in the pool at Queen’s Bath + renting SUP boards from Kayak Hanalei where we made our way down the Hanalei River out into the opening of Hanalei Bay. It was a soul revitalizing kind of trip which I highly recommend to any + all.


What album is on repeat in your car?

KB || Maggie Rogers, Heard it in a Past Life and Mumford + Sons, Delta. On Vinyl at home? Eddie Money!

CS || So many good ones, how do I choose just one?! The 3 currently most played are Mumford + Sons “Delta”, Leon Bridges “Good Things” + the “Bohemian Rhapsody” Soundtrack. Annnnd absolutely loving on all of the new Hozier album “Wasteland, Baby!”

What are two things on your 2019 bucket list?

KB || Go for more walks in the woods and drink more champagne.

CS || 1. Going on more impromptu adventures with my dudes (my husband Adam + two sons Shea + Lennon). 2. Fixing up our home. We live in a beach town in Scituate, MA which tends to get really beaten up during coastal storms. We have quite a bit of work to do so we’re making that a priority in 2019.