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our rad friends vol. 02:

FEAT. Chelsey, Katherine + Emily


What is your role at the PRISM House?

CL || Production Princess + Lead Designer //  As my title explains, I have a passion for both the production and design world.  Part of my time is spent 1:1 with clients throughout the planning process to really hone in on their big-picture vision - vendor coordination, timeline execution, site visits, you name it! The other segment is spent leading design efforts-  curating rental orders, creating floral bouquets, ceremony backdrops, and flat styling stationary suites to name a few.. To me, having my hands in both spheres makes the entire process more rewarding. I am able to foster a genuine relationship with the clients/vendors, and lead our team when it comes to playing with the pretty stuff... transforming spaces into never before seen spectacles. I believe the synthesis of these two channels is where the magic happens!

KS || Destination Design Goddess //  I am the destination event designer, residing full time on St. John in the US Virgin Islands. I head up efforts here while also traveling for each of our destination jobs.  I assist in florals and general design. Anything from building bridesmaid bouquets to installing light twenty-feet up. Oh, and I pour the champagne!

ED || Lead Design Queen // My primary role at the P R I S M house is all things design. I’m the lucky one who helps bring the inspiration and mood boards to life. From floral design  to tablescapes and all the tiny moments that tell the story, I take the props and style the scenes. I also work closely with Kristin to develop the design concept for each event.

What was the evolution of your careers + what lead you to becoming part of The PRISM House team?

CL || I’ve always peered through a creative lens and had a great appreciation for language - poetry & writing. These interests lead my to study English and Art History at Dickinson College where I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree. The single-most defining element of this experience was spending my entire junior year abroad  in London, England, and Florence, Italy, where my wanderlust spirit was set aflame. I went on to work for Calvin Klein’s corporate headquarters in downtown Manhattan where I had the pivotal experience to be the Assistant Buyer for Women’s Intimates covering all of North America. This opportunity allowed me to collaborate with our internal design team to create impactful regional product assortments that simultaneously evoked global cohesiveness. In essence, creating a display that tied back to a bigger story and in turn allowing customers to walk away with a piece of that story. The same concept can be applied to events. Working hand-in-hand with our visual team merchandising stores across the country and work under wonderful senior leadership  are all skills I now proudly bring to P R I S M House.

Rewind! During my early college years - freshman year to be exact - I watched Kristin begin to grow her business, By Emily B. Having grown up closely with Katherine, one of my dearest friends,  and seeing their friendship unfold beyond our first introduction in Katherine & my high school English class (that’s a story for another time!) it only seemed natural to ask, “Do you think Kristin needs a summer intern?” And as a matter of fact, she did. Fast forward 7 years later and we’ve been working side by side growing and developing By Emily B every since...voila!

KS || As a teen, I worked in a creative American art Gallery with Kristin. She took me under her wing and encouraged me to pursue a path in the creative world. I went to Art School at SCAD and began my career as a jewelry designer. When Kristin got the bug to design weddings, she called me up and asked if I wanted to help. I said “YEP!” We pulled off the company’s first wedding ever out of a 4Runner, just us two. After working with Kristin for years, I moved to St. John in  the US Virgin Islands. She visited frequently and the island became her home away from home . It was only natural to begin planning and designing events down here as well! My apartment became the island wedding headquarters and the rest is history!

ED || I’ve always had a deep love for art and design. I was too often caught  in a daydream or doodling in class rather than paying attention. In my undergrad studies I majored in communications with a minor in studio art which led me to a marketing and events company in Boston. While I learned an immense amount in  the position, I craved something less corporate. As I dreamt of what was next I took a more flexible role in middle school special education and tutoring. I loved working with kids but my creative journey just wasn’t over. As luck found me, I was plopped  into Kristin’s circle of Lake Sunapee friends, thanks to my husband’s family. Captivated with Kristin’s work I quickly let her know if she was ever in need of help I was her girl and she quickly responded, bringing me in to the By Emily B. team. While in the position I recently graduated with a certificate in Interior Design from the Boston Architectural College. The program has helped me build a confidence in my design abilities as well a new perspective on layout and utilizing space.


What was your favorite By Emily B event design or client memory?

CL || Choosing one moment seems almost impossible! Last year, Noelle and Joe Albert really allowed our team to take creativity to a new level, #meowterspace We took the bride and groom’s two favorite items - cats & space - and turned this theme into one of the utmost fun and sophistication. Guests sipped on  Champagne Supernova and “Meogaritas’” signature cocktails and sat at a single reception table set for 100. Believe it or not, each table setting had a place card highlighting facts about cats IN space. Yes, you heard that right! One element that stands out vividly from this event were the florals. As we were placing the centerpieces it became apparent that the vibrant yellow and purple hues were simply too bright compared to the rich and metallic lounge areas and installations.. Without a blink of an Kristin said, “go ahead, spray paint them gold” and like that the vision came full circle. This single moment of creative genius, boldness, and trust speaks volumes to our team! We’re bold, we’re dependable, and we have an unparalleled level of trust between one another..  Oh, did I mention this event also marks the same day Katherine brought sweet Coco into this world? It will forever be one for the books!

To add a team memory for comic effect, I will reflect back to Caneel Bay Resort on St. John, USVI, when Katherine and I were carrying armfuls of garland towards Turtle Point to set-up a ceremony arbor. For those who have been to the island, you know donkeys roam free. Well, little did we know these same donkeys  loved the foliage wrapped in our garland and before I knew it I had a wild ass trotting directly towards me! In that moment I stood stunned before taking off at full speed garland in-arms as Katherine attempted to shoo away the persistent donkey. Needless to say, laughter filled Turtle Point as we re-lived that moment over and over again.

KS || Hmm, there are so many! I loved designing for Megan Peavey, our Jurassic Park-loving bride who let us literally give her a Jurassic Park-themed wedding. She put her trust in the team and let the design go wild (literally.) My favorite team memory is when Emily and I rode in the back on Dan’s 1984 retro van with a curtain made of 434554678 paper cranes and all the florals for the wedding, I was basically sitting on her lap as we drove two hours to the venue,  laughed hysterically and accidentally joined an “Old Homes Day” parade, following a horse-drawn carriage down the historic road to the venue.

ED || While I have to agree with Katherine on the van ride being an absolutely hysterical memory, (still laugh out loud thinking about it,) two more sentimental events I hold dear to my heart were working on, and being a part of, my sister-in-law’s weddings. The first, a destination wedding in the USVI, I was able to help with amazing live greenery signage and a custom watercolor map for the welcome bags, along with some other small touches. And a second sister-in-law wed at a cozy farm in the New Hampshire White Mountains in fall.  I surprised her by making her bridal bouquet as well as doing the calligraphy for her agate placards. I've been fortunate to work with so many remarkable couples but to be a part of creating the magic on that special day for family members you cherish makes it all that more rewarding,

What is your favorite place to travel?  Where did you stay and what do you recommend?

CL || Havasupai/ Havasu Falls,  Arizona. The Havasupai Indian Reservation nestled deep  in Grand Canyon National Park is a place out of a dream. Envision terracotta canyon walls paired with brilliant turquoise waterfalls. Start at Halapai Hilltop trailhead far before sunrise where you will begin your 10 mile descent to the campground. This allows you to beat the height of the heat and watch the sun’s vibrant reflections enter the canyon. Set-up camp downstream along Havasu Cree and ensure you make time for a day-trip to Beaver Falls.

KS || I love to island hop around the British Virgin Islands (preferably in a dinghy!) My favorite spot is Cooper Island. Their eco cottages are pure magic. Light and airy, meant for a fairy princess!  However, I have my sights set on Europe right now. I hope to visit my GF, Perri in Stockholm this year!

ED || Big Sur, California was a bucket list destination for my husband and I. In 2015 we made it happen! Driving Route 1 on its own was memorable, I felt as though I was in a car ad as we navigated through the cliffside roads. We stayed at the Treebones Resort, a  highly recommend glamping experience. Though not my typical choice of stay we decided to pitch a tent and camp (But next time I will ditch the tent and upgrade to a yurt.) One very early morning I woke up to a strange and unfamiliar sound, I unzipped the tent and peered past the cliff’s edge only to see a pod of whales singing as they swam past. It was an experience I will never forget.


What are your favorite products you are currently using?

CL || Primally Pure is my go-to for gentle and all natural skincare. My three must-have products from here are their deodorant (charcoal or blue tansy), blue tansy body oil, and dry shampoo. Yes, they have a dry shampoo (dark locks) specifically for all of us brunettes out there!

KS || Everything Herbivore Botanicals! Their facial oils and body polishes are incredible, especially the Lapis Oil and Coco Rose scrub. I currently have the Emerald CBD Oil in my cart and I can’t waaaait to try it!

ED || I’m a sucker for a sheet mask. With an active two and half year-old at home it's rare to find time to treat myself. They are quick and no fuss, I’m left feeling like I had a mini facial right at home. My go-to brand is ORGAID, I love the Vitamin C revitalizing.

What album/song is currently  on repeat in your car and speaks to your soul right now?

CL || Well, it’s safe to say if you’re choosing a P R I S M House team member to DJ your next party, I will not fall a the top of your list! I’m a country girl at heart and can likely sing every word on NH’s 93.3 The Wolf radio station (did I just say that outloud?).  The first concert I attended was Sugarland. I was raised listening to Fleetwood Mac and Jewel, and currently Maggie Rogers’ song “Light On” can be found on repeat in my car. Really anything Maggie Rogers speaks to my soul right now.

KS || Kristin bought be a record player for my birthday this year so I’m into the old school stuff right now:  John Prine, Bob Dylan and Nitty Gritty Dirt Band on repeat (hey, Dad!) Coco loves “Dancing Queen” (I wish I was kidding) so we have been listening to a bit of that... lol.  But let’s be real - put on “Sorry” and I’ll be dancing like a Bieber girl in no time. (If you don’t know what a Bieber girl is, watch the music video for Biebs’ “Sorry.” It will change your life.)

ED || My choice for day-to-day listening always brings me back to what my parents had playing on the record machine, lots of Fleetwood Mac and Paul Simon. But my son’s current favorite song is Meghan Trainor “ All About That Bass.” It’s pretty much routine at this point to play the song post-dinner and have an epic kitchen dance party.


What are two things on your 2019 bucket list?

CL || 1. Explore Antelope Canyon  2. Pop champagne aboard Kekoa with some of the people I love most because...besties, champs, and having that boat set sail is a milestone worth endless celebration!

KS || 1. Travel to Europe with Coco 2. Drink Champagne with ALL of my ladies and their babies.

ED || 1. Find a reason to smile everyday, even when it’s hard. 2. Continue to have epic dance parties with my son :)